Te Ripo O Hinemata Wetlands 

Kia ora, 

I've had an email from DOC giving a schedule for future Wetland plantings.   

This is an amazing thing we are doing, restoring our Wetland.  

In the past 150 years New Zealand has lost 90% of it's Wetlands and these Wetlands are essential for the prevention of flooding as they slow the movement of water.

Here and around the world  floods are engulfing millions of homes because of the loss Wetland areas, interference with our waterways and the changes in climate caused by global warming. 

Also, if we don't take this chance to restore habitats for our Native wildlife, they will be gone forever.

Come and help support our planting; we are making a difference.  



What is happening everywhere

An American study of New Zealand Wetlands

Email from DOC

Nei raa te mihi ki a koe e Hone.

We have scheduled planting days below, with the exception of Koputaroa (both the DOC reserve and Te Ripo o Hinemata).  We hope that we can work with koutou maa on dates for Koputaroa around same time as last year Nov/Dec when the sites are drier; will the whanau be interested in planting at both sites or just Te Ripo o Hinemata?  Koputaroa is too wet between now and the end of the year to do planting and/or weed work.  DOC are preparing to renew an annual Kiwi Rail permit, different to the one we worked on last year.

Also taking this opportunity to revisit some of the kaupapa discussed with you and the whanau in Foxton early November:

  • Canary reed grass weed - DOC proposed aerial spray (an idea that was later discarded); DOC yet to develop strategy to deal with canary reed grass.
  • The whanau expressed an interest in creating a halo expanding on recent conservation efforts;
  • Natural features at the site in addition to birds;
  • Opportunities to engage and communicate, I recall talking with Aroha about her writing;
  • How to enable Kereru to hold snail shells;
  • Monitoring opportunities such as 5 minute bird count and acoustic bird recordings. 

Please feel free to share DOCs planting dates.

Ngaa mihi, naa


 Site                                           Scheduled date                 Alternative date in the event of bad weather

Omarupapako                          Friday 11th August             Friday 18th August
Himatangi Scientific Reserve  Thursday 24th August         Friday 25th August
Awahou                                   Thursday 31st August         Friday 1st September
Waiwiri, 2 planting dates         Thursday 14th September  Friday 15th September                                     Conservation week                  Sunday 15th October         alternative date tba