Te Ripo O Hinemata Wetlands 

2017 - December

The Chairman's report

Kia ora, 

"Our wetlands have had quite a wet winter and it's still very wet in there at the moment.  

Our partners at Te Papa Atawhai/DOC have gone in there recently and said that it looks like the water will not subside for some time.  

The DOC Ranger, Morgan, actually saw some Matuku (Australasian Bittern) flying over.  

Matuku/Bittern are in fact a bird that's in serious trouble because of the conversion and drainage of natural wetlands that's happened throughout the country.  

If you want to get an idea of what they sound like just hit on this link to the Forest & Bird website that's got more information about this awesome manu:  


There is also a information on the Matuku here, including a recording of it's strange booming call.


Also this is another request to the owners.  It is imperative we have you on our register.  Please contact us with your details.



Matuku - The Australasian Bittern

Dr Beverley Clarkson talking about Wetlands

Report from our Partners,

It is recommended that we plan for planting here either December or January because the site is currently very wet and will not subside for some time now, are there some dates which suit the whanau better? 

We have sought technical advice about the reed canary grass, the techies have recommended robust monitoring for the growth rate of the reed canary grass.  DOC is seeking approval to set this up at  Te Ripo o Hinemata.

The team are also planning for planting at Koputaroa Scientific Reserve late November, if you would like to join us is there a date that suits you.

Tene Tangatatai

Senior Ranger, Community