April 2015 - Update

"As we noted at the Judicial Review last year for both of our Manawatu Kukutauaki 3 Trusts (i.e. section 2B1 & 2E5), we have some updating to do on the official bureaucracy regarding our trusts, especially in terms of formally notifying the Maori Land Court (MLC) about the election of new trustees.  Attached is the document that the MLC currently has, so we need to ensure that the new trustees are on their MLIS records, and former trustees are properly removed (it's all part of tidying things up).  Even though we approved some new trustees at general meetings, we need to reconfirm that at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and send the MLC the trustee application and consent forms, along with the AGM minutes to them to confirm all the arrangements! Aue!

We have also included the original Order Declaring Trusts (ODT) from the 28 Aotea Minutes Book 149 under the Maori Affairs Act 1953 - Section 438(5) for the creating of these trusts back on 8th December 1992, before Judge Hoe Marumaru.  This is the founding document for our whanau trusts.  The last document that's included is the Ahu Whenua Order Appointing Additional Trustees from the 88 Aotea Minutes Book 95, which came under the new Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993 - Section 239.  These are included here so that every owner can see what's on file, without having to go to the MLC individually etc.

So, we need to hold an AGM in June 2015 sometime to have a formal election of Trustees and also confirm who's on the trust and who's not, minute that formally, and then send all that to the MLC (as it has to be around an AGM), and also IRD.

We also would like to have addresses (or email contact details) of all owners.  So if you haven't already sent us those in, please email the address at the bottom of this page.

A formal note regarding a date for the AGM will be sent out, via the DomPost and also posted on this site.  We expect it to be after Queen's Birthday, towards the end of June, and hope to combine a planting/site visit with the AGM, so that our whanau can see what's been happening in the wetlands.

Mauri ora,

Johnny McGregor