2017 - July

Kia ora koutou

New Trustees

Unfortunately we've not yet heard back from the Maori Land Court (MLC) re the change of our trustees (although I called them about it again two weeks ago!).  So I'll follow this up 
and see what's the hold up.


We have now had our 2017 financial statements and tax return completed by Brenda Ryan (BJR Accounting Ltd) for the past financial year.  

I met with Brenda and signed the 2017 trust financial statements, including the IR8 tax return (which includes the 2017 MACA IR8J).  She has submitted this return to IRD (on our behalf).

Maori Land Court

Cost to Advertise the AGM

Every time an AGM is called for the Trust it is $169.05 for the Newspaper AGM advertising which we are forced to do, by law.  
I brought this up at the Maori Land Court when we were appointing our new Trustees.  
I asked the judge directly why, in the age of digital Media, did small Maori Trusts like ours have to advertise in a Newspaper.  I requested that he advocate for us on this.  
Also, while working on another issue, for our family farm trust, I mentioned to the Judge about how notoriously hard it is to set up Maori Trusts because of the multiple land owners etc. 
There are major complications and convolutions for Maori Trusts required by the Maori Land Court.  Many are outdated and unnecessary but they still have to be done.  
The matter of appointing or removing Trustees is a long arduous one, even when they are deceased.

I think it'd be really informative for everyone to sit in on a Maori Land Court hearing and see the process,  so if you are ever needed to take a matter to court or be witness or anything else, you will know what to do in a place where everything seems very formal :-)

Hone, Chairman