2023 - December

Kia ora whānau

It's been a while, but I just wanted to send an update before the New Year - so have just sunk in!  

We have not done any real planting on the 2E5 Trust's Te Ripo o HInemata's wetlands this year, as we're part of the planning for a major wetlands restoration programme that falls into the plan for NZTA's mitigation plans from the Ōtaki to North Levin (O2NL) roading project, that's in the RMA planning stage.  

I've outlined below what that looks like and the likely timeline for us.  We have visited the wetlands twice this year with NZTA to look at the site assessment and to help build the next wetlands restoration plan.

I've also given you a very brief update on the 2B1 Trust's finances (up to 18th December 2024).


Just an update on NZTA's plan:

Greg Lee has confirmed that they are on track for the programme and so they are still expecting RMA approvals in the first half of 2024.  
NZTA have also commenced the process of procuring the main construction teams and that process will continue through next year, leading to the detailed design and an expected construction start in 2025.
In terms of detail, the RMA consenting process is well advanced with the hearings concluding early November 2023.  

Through the process leading to the hearing, NZTA has been in discussion with parties and stakeholders, which has meant that most issues have been resolved.  

The main area of dispute at the hearing was (and remains) around how we are managing flooding effects of the Manawatu Kukutauaki wetlands restoration Project, where there is concern that in some small discrete areas there will be some increases in depths of flooding potentially.

The restoration of Te Ripo o Hinemata remains a key part of our work as part of the response to ecological effects.  This proposed restoration is strongly supported by the Councils, NZTA and all other consulted stakeholders (including us).

Now that the hearing has concluded NZTA will arrange a hui with the Regional Council to talk about our plan.  Greg and his ecological consultants team are starting to develop a programme for delivery of any work, which will include us and our whānau.

The key milestones in the programme for the Project are: 

  • RMA approvals by late 2023 or early 2024
  • Procurement of constructors by end of 2023/ early 2024
  • Detailed design during 2024
  • Construction commence in 2025


In terms of Te Ripo o Hinemata, NZTA's and the ecological team's preliminary thinking is something like this (subject to agreement with us/the trustees and whānau): 

  • 2023 - develop and agree a scope of work
  • 2024 - secure RMA consents to reinstate the hydrology of wetland (entailing removal / adjustment of culverts)
  • 2024 & 2025 - develop and agree design of planting and pest control and a programme for implementation ahead of construction start.
  • 2025 - undertake work?


I'll set up a meeting for us Trustees and then us and our whānau to meet with NZTA to get this planning underway early in the New Year (probably February, when they're all back on board).   



We'll need to hold an AGM so that we can talk about trustees elections, finance and any possible distributions proposal, and the proposal re development or a possible tiny house eco community, amongst other things, I'm sure.  I'll send a pānui out to you all early in 2024 to seek a date that fits for all of us, and maybe if needed, we could do via zoom.

Wishing you all a blessed and have a very happy New Year in 2024!

Mauri ora,

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