May 2015 Update:

We are looking to have an AGM on Saturday 20th of June at the Club Rooms in the Memorial Hall at Foxton, 11am, which is when we will elect our trustees and discuss the year that's been.  A formal notice will be published in the newspaper and will be posted on this site.

I would like us to have a walk over our land at this meeting, too.  So have invited DOC to come to the meeting, and asked them to organise the permit that we need from Kiwi Rail to access the metal road alongside the railway line.

It will also be a good opportunity to take some pictures of the land and see how things have developed, which will help us when we come to look at our next 10 Year plan (as this year will see us completing the initial 10 Year plan), with a view to having more knowledge of our land, and engagement with it, now that we've restored some of the mauri there by our plantings etc.

There's some very interesting things happening in the Māori land kaitiakitanga space, including around management and monitoring of land and even mauri.  Take a look at Garth Harmsworth’s work on, which is a prototype tool for accessing and interpreting environmental information about Māori land.  He's developed this Maori land visualisation tool a website to help people like us, Māori land owners and managers, to find out more about the physical characteristics, constraints and potential of our Māori land blocks.  This will be useful when we are looking at what our next 10 Year plan for the land will be, and for those of you who haven't been able to walk onto it directly.  Follow this link to take you directly to one of our blocks:

There’s also some great work by Ian Ruru on the 'Mauri Compass' (i.e. the measurement of the life force).  Take a look at his website: 



Lastly, there's an awesome Maori academic who does some good videos on this, which might be of interest to the whanau.  His name's Dr Dan Hikuroa ( who’s an Earth Systems Scientist

Mauri ora,

Johnny McGregor