2016 - September

Kia ora

This has been a busy year for everyone.  

There has been no response to the Meeting date in September so I have decided to push it forward to November.  

I want to ask for suggestions about when would be the best date for everyone to meet in November so we can plan something interesting around it.  

I would like to ask someone to talk about the land/biodiversity on our covenant.

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Rates Bill

We received a bill for $10,179.99 from the  Horowhenua District Council (ph 06 3660999).

I followed this up and have heard back from them. This bill dates back prior to 2007 for our land, and was for back-rates owed well before that period.

As I pointed out, this is (and has been prior to 2007) Maori Freehold land and eligible for rates remission and they agreed.

I asked for an email or something to confirm this, and have been told they are unable to do this until the council had met, but said that our phone call was recorded for their files.

There will therefore be no debt recovery required.

Hone McGregor