Maori Land Court - Te Kooti Whenua Maori

Judicial Review


On Friday the 22nd of November 2014, Hone McGregor, Scott Giles, Alia Ah Far and Nina McGregor represented the Manawatū Kukutauaki Section 3 2B1 and 2E5 Trusts AGM, before the Maori Land Court for a judicial review.

The Trust came through the review very well, and it was shown the Trust is being administered honestly and judiciously. 

Questions:  Why are the two blocks of land administered as one trust. 

Hone McGregor explained that although the two blocks did not have the exact same owners, that they were substantially the same. One block is leased out to the adjacent farmer, while the other is under a DOC covenant. The one under DOC covenant had been previously leased but it was not a commercially viable. This block has received grants to improve it.


The judge stated that the current list of trustees has to be updated.   As there were Trustees who were now deceased or not active on the trust and there were also new Trustees who are not listed.

It was noted that there have been whānau who expressed a wish to be trustees but had not attended any meetings.  

Trust deed

The judge suggested we update our trust deed, using the current Land Court template.

20141231140732449 (1).pdf 20141231140732449 (1).pdf
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20141231140705100.pdf 20141231140705100.pdf
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