Te Ripo O Hinemata Wetlands

Trip to Mana Island to repot the seedlings 

Jenna-Rose Astwood, one of the four whanau that went over to Mana Island to repot the plants.

Nathan Astwood and Nina McGregor, both from the Hamuera line.  

Nathan is the grandson of Tipu or Hoani Te Rangi Kangaiho McGregor, and Nina is the daughter of Bill or Wiremu McGregor.

They are mixing the potting soil.  

 Nathan and Piki Collins, who is also from the Hamuera line, her mother was Dolly Pihama.

Repotting the seedlings.

Nathan, doing a great job, only 18000 to go.


 Nina and Piki resting after a really hard day.

A perk of the operation.  Jenna-Rose Astwood, Grand daughter of Tipu, bags a paua for lunch.