Project Scope

The portion of the Kilsby property on the true left of Koputaroa Stream is included in this restoration plan because it is an integral part of the wetland.

The  management of this area will impact on the viability of 

Te Ripo O Hinemata Wetland.

 The project brief for this restoration required that the following matters should be incorporated into the plan:

  • A biological description of the site, including key plant associations by location;
  •  A modified (if necessary) design of a draft wetland concept plan;
  • A water retention plan to achieve higher water levels and maintain wetland values all year round, which incorporates design and installation of a new/modified culvert and flood gate(s);
  • An indigenous seed collection or plant material cuttings plan for plant propagation purposes itemising quantities to be collected each year;
  • A planting plan for restoration of the wetland;
  •   A plant pest plan;
  • A sequencing timeline for implementation of the restoration initiatives;
  •  Ballpark costs for pond creation (using an excavator), a flood gate control structure, propagation and growing-on of plant material off-site, and planting using contractors and/or volunteer effort.