Email from a Kaumatua 


 Hi Family


 I thought I would be the only one that would turn up at Koputaroa for the tree planting.  Apart from the 3 guys from DOC and Te Kenehi.  I would have been, if your Uncle Timo and almost all his family had not arrived.  Anyway their effort was awesome and I certainly am totally indebted to them.

 We managed to plant half of the trees and it wasn't easy, the ground conditions were pretty difficult.  Those grandchildren of Uncle Bill's were great.  

Tipu McGregor and his grand daughter Jenna-Rose Astwood 

The rest of the trees have to be planted and as far as I can see that is our jobs. 

 I don't want to hear that yous can't make it!!  Or get promises you're going to turn up, that are then retracted at the last minute.  

Johnny has done quite a bit for some of us.  I don't expect any more from Uncle Bills family although I will leave it open to them.  

It is quite a big area.


As I see it the rest of those trees need to be planted over the next 2 or 3 weeks.  As most of us have things to do on Saturdays, it is really a Sunday job. 

What I thought is we stay overnight on Saturdays at Otaki.  However it all depends on the weather.  

It does not look too good for the coming weekend, but we have to be ready so don't make to many plans.     

I will keep in contact with the DOC guys.  They are a pretty dedicated bunch.