Te Ripo O Hinemata Wetland 

The Trustees

Chairman Johnny - Hone Arona McGregor
He has been a Trustee for more than twenty years and has overseen the development of the Wetlands.
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Johnny McGregor's father is Hoani Te Rangi Kangaiho McGregor known to most as Tipu who is the son of Hamuera McGregor.  Tipu is the eldest surviving grandson of Te One McGregor and Aperira Te Roherohe.

Johnny, far right, planting out at the Te Ripo o Hinemata wetlands.

Treasurer Nina McGregor

Nina is the eldest daughter of Wiremu McGregor who is the youngest son of Hamuera McGregor and Nohokainga Te Kuru.
Nina out at the DOC nursery on Mana Island repotting our seedlings.

Trustee Kim Taylor

Kim attended Te Aute College.  He is a former mining engineer.  He returned to New Zealand after many years in Australia. Click here for full Personal Profile 

Kim with his wife and Moko planting at the Wetlands

Rev'd Dr Rangi Nicholson


Rangi Nicholson has just re-joined the Trust after many years away on another path. 
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