2019 - November

 The Annual General Meeting 2019 for Manawatū Kukutauaki Section 3 2B1 and 2E5 Trusts 

Kereru Marae, 1 pm, Saturday 26th October 2019.

 The Chairman's report and Minutes are available email me at olivia_giles@hotmail.com

Calling for Nominations for Trustees - Manawatu Kukutauaki 2B1 and No3. Sec 2E5 (Te Ripo o Hinemata Wetland)

We are calling for nominations for Trustees from the whanau of owners of the Trust  with a view to having an election and appointment at the 1st meeting of the Trusts in 2020, and that the Māori Land Court is formally advised of the new trustees at the Judicial Review to be undertaken in 2020.

We need 3 new Trustees to bring the total to 6.  These will be to replace William McGregor who passed away.  Te Kenehi Teira and Johnny McGregor (Chairman) have resigned, after more than twenty years of service on the Trust.  Johnny will stay long enough to develop a Transition plan and oversee the transition of the new Trustees to the Trust.

The remaining Trustees are Nina McGregor, Rev Rangi Nicholson who has returned to his former duties as a Trustee and Kim Taylor.  

The Trust would like to see as many of the owners whanau represented on the Trust as possible.

Please click here to see the Maori Land Court document that outlines the duties of a Trustee.  

If there is anyone that you feel would make a good Trustee or if you are interested in becoming a Trustee please email your nominations to Olivia at olivia_giles@hotmail.com


Present Trustees

Dividend Payment to Owners

The total available for ordinary distributions from our 2019 financial statements to 31st March 2019 is $21,667.44.  The Trustees recommend that we pay this out completely and added another $8,332.56 of capital distributions which bring a dividend payment up to $30,000. 

Part of the payment is taxable and The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) will know about the distribution as they will be included in the Trust’s 2020 tax return.

Payment will be paid to each beneficiary upon completion of the following details. 

Name of person or trust

IRD number

Bank account numbers

Physical address

Email address

The trust can only pay the recorded Owner or Trust,  so owners needs to ensure that the information on the Maori Land Court records are correct.  If they aren't, you will need to contact the Maori Land Court.  If you need to succeed to shares I can assist you through the process.

Click here to view the online record.   

Administrative Services

Over the last two years there has been an increase in administrative duties for the Trust.  So, to ensure the collection and recording of the correct shareholders information for the dividend payments; oversee the Trustee election process and continue with the duties of maintaining the website and coordinate  Meetings and Plantings.   The Trustees have elected to pay an hourly rate for the work undertaken by me, Olivia Giles, who has served as Administrator for  the Committee  since 2014.  

Access to Wetlands

The Trust is currently negotiating with Kiwi Rail to gain access to the Wetlands and better access to the Urupa.