Our Wetlands project

September 2018

Shareholders in the Manawatu Kukutauaki No.3 Sec.2B1 
List of Owners
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Block ID : 20382      
Land Status : Maori Freehold Land     
Area (ha): 9.8288
Total Shares: 3886     
Title Order Date: 15/04/1912 
Total Owners: 169

Kia ora whanau.  

Please find above the information for the land that is under this Trust's care.   I have also attached the list of owners and shares held so that you should check to make sure your whanau has succeeded to their shares.

Over the past few years the Trustees have managed the wetlands and arranged plantings etc.  We need  your help in deciding the future of what you, as shareholders, want the Trust to do.  

We need to have a AGM (Annual General Meeting) and we really want as many owners to attend as possible to discuss the future work of the Trust.  

As you probably know the Trust has funds that come from rent and grants  etc.  At the moment the only money going out of the account are taxes, payments to the accountant and adverts in the newspaper that we are statutorily required to place for AGM's.  This year a koha was given to William McGregor's whanau by Te Kenehi, on behalf of the Trust, for his Tangi and the koha of Heat Pumps was made to the Wharenui. 

We want  suggestions for dispersal of the funds we are holding.  

Our priority is the conservation of our Wetland and the return of this land to it's natural state.   We want the original native birds, frogs, lizards snails and fish to come back to this  land and to maintain a balanced ecosystem and for the land to remain part of the green corridor that assists native animals in migration.  Also we want to use the successes and challenges of our work in the Wetland to help  similar Trusts return their land to its original state too.  

We have come up with some options.

  1. Continued conservation work including the construction of a small structure on the land to view the wildlife
  2. Continued support of the Marae and environs
  3. Scholarships 
  4. Long term investment
  5. Payments out to shareholders

So please get back to us with a good time of year to get as many people as possible to the AGM.

Naku noa