2020 - February

Dividend Payments

The chairman and I have been in contact with the Maori Land Court and have definitive answers to questions posed to us by people concerning the dividends.

  • The total the Trust has made available  for distributions as a dividend payment is $30,000.00.  This is made up of accumulated profits from  $21,667.44 available for ordinary distributions from our 2019 financial statements to 31st March 2019 and another $8,332.56 of capital distributions.  
  • There are 3886 shares so the dividend is approximately 77 cents per share before tax.
  • Payments can only be made to the owners that are officially registered at the Maori Land Court as owners either individually or Whanau Trusts.  
  • There are 171 registered owners (individuals and Trusts) but, through my research  I have undertaken over the last few years I have discovered that some owners are deceased and that their shares have not been succeeded too so these dividends can not be accessed at this time but will remain available for payment once the shares have been succeeded to.  Even if the succession is in process, no dividends can be paid out until the succession has gone through the courts and have been registered by the Maori Land Court.


We need.

Name of person or trust

IRD number

Bank account numbers

Physical address

Email address

The trust can only pay the recorded Owner or Trust,  so owners needs to ensure that the information on the Maori Land Court records are correct.  If they aren't, you will need to contact the Maori Land Court.  If you need to succeed to shares I can assist you through the process.

Click here to view the online record.   

Access to Wetlands is still being investigated

The Trust is currently seeking out a way to access the Wetlands.  They are still in negotiations with KiwiRail to gain access to the Wetlands and better access to the Urupa.