Te Ripo O Hinemata Wetlands

 The Ecological Corridor

A habitat corridor, wildlife corridor or green corridor is an area of habitat connecting populations of wildlife which are separated by human activities such as roads, farming, development, or logging. 

This allows an exchange of wildlife between populations, which will help prevent reduced genetic diversity by inbreeding  that often occur within isolated populations. 

Corridors may also help facilitate the re-establishment of populations that have been reduced or eliminated due to random events (such as fires or disease).

This will also moderate some of the worst effects of habitat fragmentation, wherein urbanization and farming can split up habitat areas.  

This causes animals to lose both their natural habitat and the ability to move between regions to use all of the resources they need to survive. 

Habitat fragmentation due to human development is an ever-increasing threat to biodiversity, and habitat corridors are one answer to the problem.